The digital get-together for Car HMI & UX experts

9 Sessions

600+ Attendees

3 Days

Car HMI Digital Days - Future HMIs : UX Redefined

Welcome to the Car HMI Digital Days – the digital gathering packed with expert content and live sessions by true industry thought leaders. Experience the biggest digital knowledge gathering in the field car HMI on May 15 – 17, 2018.

3 days of digital content around Human-Machine-Interfaces and User Experience in cars. Learn, engage and discuss automotive tech innovation in real-time with thought leaders across the globe.

Discover the next era of HMI & UX the digital way!

Live Webinars and Case Studies

See live how HMI and Usability decision makers tackle their daily (and not so daily) challenges. We provide you with interactive webinar sessions and presentations on current challenges presented by true industry experts.

Stay up-to-date

Have a look at our on-demand directory and grab a few of our whitepapers and articles composed by the Car HMI community.

Get involved

Don’t only watch our sessions – talk about them with your peers! Use our live chat rooms to discuss and evaluate recent projects and new approaches with like-minded professionals.



Not sponsors… The Car HMI Digital Days are the unique digital event in the business and technology world because of our relationship with our partners. Our aim is to support them to reach their targets and inspire innovation.

Position your business as a thought leader at the Car HMI Digital Days and become a content partner today!

The world’s first digital event on how Human-Machine-Interfaces are shaping the mobility of tomorrow

The Car HMI Digital Days will bring together established industry experts, global thought leaders and senior executives from the world’s leading intelligent businesses for a 3 day journey to help you bridge the gap between understanding the innovation challenges facing your organizations at this pivotal time… and conquering them. Experience cutting-edge hours of webinars, workshops, presentations and networking in our digital conference. Interact with fellow attendees, chat to presenters and take home valuable resources.

Brought to you by we.MEDIA – The Content Delivery Network, the Car HMI Digital Days promise to be a goldmine of intelligent insights for businesses ready to embrace the HMI revolution.

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